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An Irish Leader in Renewable Energy

Manannan Fiseries

Transitioning to a zero-carbon future

Ireland and Europe are transitioning to a zero-carbon future. The Manannán project will contribute to that transition by harnessing the enormous wind potential off the south coast of Ireland, generating clean green electricity and green hydrogen, and providing environmental and economic benefits to Ireland.


Celtic Sea


Potential for two phases of 1GW per phase

Distance to shore

Approximately 25km to 50km

Site Area

Up to approximately

200km² per phase

*SEAI residential statistic for 2021: the average home used 5,106kWh of electricity in 2021 to meet its energy needs

Target Operation Date

Mid 2030's

CO₂ Savings

1.9Mt per annum per phase


Up to 4,900GWh/annum per phase, enough to power up to approx 950,000 homes*


Potentially up to 1000 jobs during construction and 75 fulltime long term jobs


Our Approach

In 2022, we began work on investigating the feasibility of developing a wind farm in the Celtic Sea.  Subject to successfully progressing the project through the development process and in consultation with local communitiesfisheries/seafood industry and other stakeholders, our plan is to bring this offshore wind farm with an estimated capacity of 1GW to 2GW into operation in the 2030’s.

Manannan Our Future

Our Future

The government has set out a commitment of net zero emissions by 2050 in the Climate Action Plan. The Department of Environment, Climate, and Communications (DECC) has set out targets of 5 GW of offshore wind by 2030, 2 GW of non-grid limited to be in development by 2030, 20 GW of offshore wind by 2040, and 37 GW of offshore wind by 2050. Our project will contribute to this vision of a green and sustainable future for all.

Manannan Irish West Coast
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