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The design of Manannán offshore wind farm project will evolve following  surveys / studies and through public consultation. In advance of progressing through that process, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the project. These will be updated as soon as we have had public consultation and feedback and as we progress through the development process.  If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please do contact us.

  • Where is the project located and what stage is the project at?
    We have identified the Celtic Sea as our proposed preferred site location area. We have completed our desktop feasibility study for the production of green hydrogen using offshore clean wind power in the Celtic Sea. Our feasibility study included desktop environmental constraint analysis of the Celtic Sea area.
  • When will the wind farm be built?
    The estimated target date for operation is in the mid 2030’s.
  • How many turbines are there and how high will they be?
    The design of the project will go through a number of iterations taking into account feedback from public consultation and results of surveys to be completed. Our expectation is that this project could consist of approximately 120 turbines and depending on turbine technological advancements, approximately 300m tip height.
  • What is hydrogen, is it natural and how is it produced?
    Hydrogen is a gas. It is colourless, odourless and non-toxic. It is the cleanest gas that can be used to produce energy. Yes, hydrogen is natural, in fact water is approximately 10% hydrogen and 90% oxygen. When hydrogen is burned it produces water vapor which condenses to form water droplets. Hydrogen can be produced by passing electricity through water by way of a proven process called electrolysis. We will use green electricity produced by this project’s wind turbines to convert water into hydrogen.
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